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RFP - Network Additions & Upgrades

Purpose:   You are invited to submit a proposal for providing additions and upgrades to the existing data networks (LANs) for the 5 locations in the Washington County School District.

General Requirements:  Prices quoted shall be all-inclusive (including all applicable taxes) and represent complete installation and integration with the existing network at all nine school district sites.  Prices quoted in the vendor's response will remain in effect for a period of ninety (90) business days prior to contract signing.  Omissions in the proposal of any provision herein described shall not be construed as to relieve the vendor of any responsibility or obligation to the complete and satisfactory delivery, operation, and support of any services.  Should the vendor have questions or find discrepancies in, or omissions from this RFP, or shall be in doubt to its meaning, the vendor shall at once notify the Washington County Board of Education indicating the occurrence. 

Response Submission:  Responses to this RFP must be submitted and delivered to the Washington County Board of Education no later than 10:00 A.M., January 12, 2007 so that this RFP is in compliance with the competitive bidding requirements for Universal Service Support and Services.  The 3 paper copies & 1 electronic copy of the proposal must be sealed and submitted to:

  Washington County Board Of Education

  Attention:  Larry Moss (Response to Technology RFP)

  P.O. Box 1359 Grenade Street

  Chatom, Alabama 36518

It is the sole responsibility of the respondents to ensure that responses arrive in a timely manner.  Late arrivals will be rejected.  The Washington County Board of Education is not responsible for delays due to the United States Post Office, UPS, Federal Express, and/or etc.  The vendor must submit three copies of the response along with any required supporting documentation.  Oral, telephone, or telegraphic bids shall not be considered, nor will modifications of proposals by such communications be considered.  Signatures on the proposal shall be longhand and executed by a principal duly authorized by the vendor to make a contract.

Detailed Network Specifications:  The specifications provided in this section are intended to convey the minimum requirements set forth by the Washington County Board of Education.  Site Visits are required only at the school sites requiring network wiring.  Please contact the person listed by each school requesting cabling to arrange a visit.

Listed below are the minimum requirements:

Chatom Elementary:  Lee Sheffield - (251) 847-2946

•·   15 classroom 8 port mini-switches (no fiber connections necessary)

•·   90 (3 feet) patch cables

•·   LAN server (fully installed and integrated with the existing network) The minimum specifications are listed below:

•·   Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2003  Standard Edition with 5-CAL pack

•·   Memory 2GB

•·   Network card Integrated PCI 10/100/1000 Twisted Pair Ethernet

•·   Floppy Drive 3.5" 1.44MB diskette drive

•·   Optical Drive 20x min/48x max. IDE CD-ROM

•·   Monitor 17" color monitor

•·   Processor 2.4 GHz with 812K l2 cache and 533MHz FSB

•·   Extended and On-site Service Programs 3 Yr. Parts, 3 Yr. On-site warranty, 3 Yr. tech support

•·   Hard Drive - 73 GB Ultra 320 SCSI SCA 10K rpm hot swappable hard drives

•·   Tape Backup system with software (include 5 media tapes and 1 cleaning tape)

•·   RAID Card LSI MegaRAID U320-1 one channel Ultra 320 SCSI RAID controller with 64MB cache

•·   Video Integrated PCI graphics - 8MB

•·   UPS for server

Fruitdale High School :   Pam Davidson - (251) 827-6583

•·   1 additional dual data drop in twenty-five classrooms

•·   LAN server (fully installed and integrated with the existing network) *See server specifications listed above under Chatom Elementary School

•·   9 media converters for IDF boxes

•·   9 (10/100) 24 port Switches, & 4 (24 port) patch panels

•·   25 (25 ft.) Patch cables

•·   MCR Media Converter Rackmount Chassis

Millry High School :  Glenda Armstrong (251) 846-2987

•·   14 (10/100) 24 port switches

•·   16 Allied Telesyn MC101XL Fast Ethernet Media Converters

•·   LAN server (fully installed and integrated with the existing network).  *See server specifications listed above under Chatom Elementary School

Leroy High School :   Betty Brackin (251) 246-2199

•·   2 (10/100) 24 port switches

•·   4 MCR12 Media Converter Rackmount Chassis

•·   5 Allied Telesyn MC1011XL Fast Ethernet Media Converters for the main frame in the media center

•·   10 - 6 or 8 port stackable 10/100 Ethernet Switch (for classroom use-fiber connections may be included but are not necessary)

•·   Fiber connection runs and termination from multipurpose building to MDF as well as cabinets and other items required for this addition to the school's network

•·   Cat 5 runs and connections to four offices within the school's multipurpose building

•·   25 -10 ft. patch cables

•·   25 - 3 ft. patch cables

•·   25 - 25 ft. patch cables

•·   25- 10/100 mb Ethernet cards

•·   UPS for main frame in media center

•·   LAN server (fully installed and integrated with the existing network).  *See server specifications listed above under Chatom Elementary School

Washington County High School :   Nelda Ganus (251) 847-2759

•·   10 - 25 ft patch cables

•·   10 - 3 ft patch cables

•·   11 - 10/100 switches installed according to the school contact

•·   16 - Media converters described previously

•·   20 - 10/100 Network cards

•·   LAN server (fully installed and integrated with the existing network).  *See server specifications listed above under Chatom Elementary School

Items required for bidding are listed in this RFP.  Specific names and model numbers of hardware are provided for examples only.  So, the bidder should be aware of the current hardware in use by the Washington County School District and make selections that are compatible with the present equipment.  Unless otherwise noted, all equipment quoted must have a minimum warranty of one year and documentation must be presented upon installation.  Additionally, all warranties must be noted in an attachment with the submitted proposal.

IMPORTANT NOTICE :  All equipment must be installed and configured to function properly with the existing network unless otherwise informed by the school technology coordinator.  All workstations must be configured properly to function on the LAN where new data drops are located.  Any equipment not identified by this bid but is required in order to achieve 100% functionality of the LAN should be included in the bid or its costs becomes the responsibility of the selected vendor.

Vendor Information:  Bidder must prove with references that its organization is a qualified provider of hardware, software, maintenance, implementation, and other specified services.  The bidder must be able to document upon request that the bidder has considerable experience with networking solutions.  Additionally, vendor must be no farther than 75 miles in either direction from the Washington County Board of Education.

The Alabama Bid Law Section 41-15-50 requires all bidders must furnish a bid bond on any contract exceeding $10,000.00.  Therefore, a bid bond for $500.00 or an acceptable substitute must accompany this bid. 

Additional Bid Information:  The Washington County Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject all proposals or sections thereof and when the rejection is in the best interest of the Washington County School District.  The WCBE reserves the right to award without further discussion.  Therefore, responses should be submitted initially with the most favorable terms that the vendor could propose.  The awarding of this bid is contingent upon E-rate funding successfully being approved by the FCC Fund Administrator for the Schools and Libraries Division.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that measures have been taken for approved vendor status with the SLD. 

Washington County Board Of Education

P.O. Box 1359

Chatom , Alabama 36518

(334) 847-2401

Network Extensions and Upgrades Bid Response Form

Vendor: _________________________________________

Contact: ________________________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________


Telephone: ______________________________________

Total Proposed Costs ________________ (Must include all applicable taxes)

  Chatom Elementary _______________

  Fruitdale High School ______________

  Leroy High School _______________

  Millry High School ______________

  Washington County High School _______________

* Please attach an itemized lists of all equipment to this response form. 

Appropriate Signature(s):  _________________________

Date:  __________   Title:  _________________

(All Warranty Information must be included as an attachment to this form)